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Advanced Features for Downloadable Product


Magento 2 has a lot of features, it also supports merchants selling downloadable products. With downloadable products, there are some disadvantages. In other words, Magento’s business logic is correct and safe but inconvenience and incompatible with the most of digital shops. This extension was made to resolve these problems.

Product Features

  • Update the latest file links to purchased customers:

    when you update a new file for an existing link, Magento 2 will not update the latest link to downloadable file list of purchased customers. If the customer bought version 1.0.0, they can’t download files of updated version 2.0.0, 3.0.0...Enable this feature, all file links of downloadable product is up to date and available to download for all purchased customers.

  • Add new free files to customer’s downloadable file list:

    In Magento 2, a downloadable product can have many links. In the first stage, you add only one link, however, you intend to add additional links which are attached with product. The system will not update additional attached links or free files for purchased customers, they can’t see added files. By using this features, the customer can see the latest additional links of product.

  • Notify customers of updated product:

    Magento 2 has not this feature, this extension allow merchant notifying purchased customer by email when update product. Merchant also adds a custom message to email and disable this feature.

  • Other features:

    update updated_at field for all product types when save product, an available email template for sending email.

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