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Ajax Layered Navigation


Magento 2 don’t support ajax for layered navigation and product toolbar, the system have to reload entire page instead of main content. That is inconvenience and decrease system performance. In addition, there is no functionality to filter or sort products by rating and stock. This extension was made to resolve these problems.

Product Features

  • Support Ajax: both layered navigation and product toolbar, category page don’t need to reload, only main content part will be reloaded by ajax mechanism.
  • Rating filter: show on layered navigation, display product list from one star to five stars.
  • Stock filter: display product list by stock status.
  • Featured deals: After create special price for a product, store owner can enable featured_deals for that prodduct. A carousel slider which contains featured deals will be shown on the sidebar.
  • New sorting options: rating and most reviewed. When customer use these options, the system will reload product list and change direction to DESC (descending) automatically.
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