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Automatic Related Products

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This extension supports store owner adding related, upsell, cross-sell products faster and easier. By defining rules and conditions, the system will add related products to defined location automatically.

Create a rule

To create a rule, user have to input information on four tabs: “General”, “Where to display related products”, “What products are related” and “Frontend properties”. User can create multiple rules. If a product is matched more than one rule, the highest priority rule will be applied.

Create Rule
Add conditions

Add conditions

User can define conditions based on catalog attributes and combine them. For instances, if user want to apply rule for products which belong to category “X” and is “Blue”, user just need to use category chooser and attribute selector in this component.

Support frontend properties

Instead of using default Magento 2 block, user can change block title, layout (grid/slider), number of displayed products, and what criteria to sort products. (bestseller, rating or most viewed).

Change frontend properties
Manage rules

Manage Rules

Using Magento 2 Listing UI component, user can edit rules inline. However, to change conditions, user have to go to edit page.

Performance tuning

This extension implements indexing mechanism. Product collections will be fetched from database tables where store calculated result based on rules. The system will not query and calculate each time. So, the speed of your website will not slow even multiple rules are applied to the website.

Performance tuning

This extension have not yet supported bundle products.

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Frontend demo:

We created some rules for category "Bags", so you can click on any product in category "Bags" to see demo.

Related products, upsell products for "Push It Messenger Bag":

To see demo cross-sell, you need to add any bag to cart and go to cart page.

Backend Demo

Login URL:

Username: arpdemouser

password: xmage2demouser

After change rule, add rule, or delete rule, you need to reindex the system and refresh cache.

Ver 1.0.3 (2017-12-21)

Fix bugs relate to text swatch attribute 

Ver 1.0.1 (2017-11-02)

Update source code for Magento 2.2.0

Ver 1.0.0 (2017-07-30)

Initial version

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