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Benefits Of Using Instagram For Your Business

Benefits Of Using Instagram For Your Business

InstagramNowadays, we always talk about the visual-snapping as the habit of almost people on the world. They can take quick photos with friends, selfie everywhere and of course scanning new feed of their social network which filled with alot of images and video to see some products which they want to buy or catch some sales time of the nearly store. As one of the most use social network, Instagram bring to users a lot of benefits which can leverage your business with a very hight speed and value.

First of all, Instagram is free way for you to do the advertising. You can take pictures or videos to advertise your products and post it on Instagram without any payment. With over 150 million users, no hard to said that alot of people will see your pictures and videos and of course, they will buy them if they need.

Instagram Help Sell Product  Moreover, Instagram only forcus on images and videos. People can find what they want more easy instead of wasting time talking with friend, play any social game. The only things you have to do is forcus on the quality of the post which can attractive the customer to buy your product. With the outstanding of the content generate times when compare with other social networks like Facebook or Twitter, you can have very hight chance to leverage your business. The keyword is “Post quality”.

One more benefit for you when do your business with Instagram is that you can connect with customer across multiple channels. It provide the ability to embed your photos or videos into everywhere following the auto-generated code. You can embed them on your website, it can bring to both Instagram and your website more customer source. You can buy some products that can make the connection from your store website to Instagram. It can automatically get your Instagram images and show them on the website with alot of choice about where the images show, how the image display or event connect the images with the product on your store.

For advertising, we also sell that kind of product for Magento 2, it’s named Instagram Connect. You can see more detail about the product in here. With alot of features which bring you to more and more ideas about using Instagram images, Instagram Connect is one of best sell producInstagram Connect With Your Businesst for connecting Instagram and Mangento 2. I will write a new post about the features of this extension to show you what the it can do and have some guide to use it for your business.

Looking for Nike account, you can see alot of images from customer who buy Nike’s products. Following the permission of customer, you can use their images to advertise your product to make other customer see the product when using on real. They can have better look and easy to choose which product fit with them. It’s the user-generated ability of using Instagram content. Using customer as a very powerful source to adversite your products, the effective is very positive and the value is uncountable

Nike In Instagram

Do you use Instagram to help your business communicate with the customer? If not, you should try it with alot of big brands  and even small companies all over the worlds. I will be more than happy to help if you have any questions, please get in touch by comments,


If the extension in the post is useful for you. You want to buy it or search for more useful extensions for Magento 2, please visit our official website.

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