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Twilio SMS Notifications

Twilio SMS Notifications

As a busy online store receiving a bucket load of orders by the hour, you might not have much time to think about how you communicate with your customers once they have ordered from you!

For many businesses, email is the obvious option, because it is cheap, everyone else does it and all of your customers have an email address. But that is exactly the problem, because everyone else uses email, your communications get buried meaning that you have no customer service!

According to MailChimp, only 17.35% of eCommerce emails get opened. Ultimately, this means that, if you currently use email for order updates then these communications are potentially reaching less than 1 in 5 customers.

Using SMS texts for customer service is a brilliant way to add customer value to eCommerce for some reasons:

  • SMS order notifications have a staggering open rate of over 98%
  • Over 90% of texts get read within 5 minutes. So that your customers will appreciate the instant updates
  • Using SMS for order updates shows you care and will build deep trust and loyalty
  • Independence with internet
  • With so many online stores communicating solely through email, SMS is a great way for your customers to acknowledge you.

Twilio SMS Notification made by X-MAGE2. With full configuration, so easy to customize SMS, very fast and trust by Twilio services, so that Twilio SMS Notification will become powerful option to reach your customers.

The extension features include

SMS notify to Store owner when customer place order

  • SMS notify to Store owner when customer register
  • SMS notify to Customer when Invoice created
  • SMS notify to Customer when Order canceled
  • SMS notify to Customer when credit memo refund
  • Customize SMS template
  • Support test send SMS
  • Log all SMS notifications (contain filter, search, order, delete)
  • Visualize report by chart
  • Configuration Twilio account and phone number
  • Enable/disable for each module or the entire module
  • Auto realize the customer country code

Twilio registration

  • To use twilio services, at first, we need to create a twilio account.



  • After that we have to verify by SMS, because the system need to verify you are not a bot.



  • Then Click “Get your first Twilio phone number” to get twilio phone. You must note this phone number because it will be used in configuration.



  • Go to Home →Account→Account Settings to get Account SID and Account token. Like the phone number, this information also used in configuration.


  • Save the ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN to your note, because we need to use it in configuration
  • If you are use trial account for test, you need to set a phone number to send. Otherwise we no need
  • Goto Home→AccountUser Settings








Module Configuration

  • Login to the admin page, then go to Report→ Twilio SMS Notification Configuration



1. Configuration

  • Set Account Sid and Account Token.
  • Set Twilio phone number that provide by Twilio.
  • Set Store owner phone number.


      2. Store owner SMS message

  • Set the template of message that will be send for store owner when customer place New order, Customer register
  • {order_id}, {name}, {email}, {grand_total} is a parameter that you can place it to any location in template if it’s supported in the message. So that, the template is easy to customize.


      3. Customer SMS message

  • Set the template of message that will be send for Customer when Order canceled, Credit memo refunded, Invoice created.


      4. Test Twilio SMS

  • Input your number to test send message. If you are using Twilio trial account, only phone number you provided to Twilio get the message. But if you are using Upgraded account, you can test with any phone number.
  • The input accept both the phone number contain country code or not, because we can translate it into valid format.


You can see the test message in your phone for sure the configuration is correct. This function is very useful because store owner don’t want to create a payment for test.


Twilio Message Log

  • Go to “Reports Twilio SMS Notification  Twilio SMS logs” to see all the SMS sent.


  • Twilio SMS Logs show the entire message sent to the store owner and customer. The information contain: Category (type of message event), Date, List Phone, and Message.


  • We can select multiple row to delete. Because the grid have many records, the admin will be take time to delete each record. So this function is an effective way to delete multiple records at the same time.



  • User search by criteria in the grid view. Beside that, they can order the grid by any column by click in the column.



General report

  • General report is modules that visualize the data from logs to chart. So that user can see the statistic from that to know the percentage of message in this month, last 12 month…
  • Go to: Reports Twilio SMS Notification General Reports



The report help you monitoring the orders process action by visualization chart, so that, you can instantly process the customer order.

If this extension is useful for you. You want to buy it. Please visit our official website.

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