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Category filter for product grid


In Magento 2, admin product grid is one of most used components. User can't search products within a category, however, this inconvenience must be resolved. This extension adds a new feature to the product grid, user can see category information and search products easier.

Main features

This extension is easy to use. It adds four extras columns to admin product grid.

  • Category: this column displays all categories of a product. User can use filter to search products based a category
  • Views: this column displays number of views of a product. This number is calculated from the first day of year (e.g. 2019 - 01 - 01)
  • Qty Ordered: quantity of a product ordered. This quantity is counted from the first day of year (e.g. 2019 - 01 - 01)
  • Rating: this column displays rating summary (%) of a product.

The two columns, Views and Qty Ordered, are sortable. But Category and Rating columns are not sortable.

This extension doesn’t support multistore website. It works well with single store website.

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