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Custom Order Number


By default, Magento 2 has a simple format for order number, invoice number, shipment number and credit memo number. This extension was made to help user customizing these numbers, hide business data from competitors and attract customers.

Product Features

  • Prefix: allow adding prefix with text and date format, e.g. ORD-2018-06-05-000000150-XM, ORD-XMAGE-000000150-XM, ORD-2018-000000150-XM.
  • Suffix: add text at the end of number, e.g. ORD-2018-06-05-000000150-XM.
  • Start counter from: start number value where counter will be applied.
  • Counter increment step: by default, this value is 1, customer will see real order, invoice, shipment, credit memo number. Change this value to hide the real business data, e.g. if this value is 5 and start counter from 1: real value is ORD-2018-06-05-000000150-XM, adjusted value is ORD-2018-06-05-000000{(150-1) * 5 + 1}-XM = ORD-2018-06-05-000000746-XM
  • Counter padding: by default, counter padding is 9. That means the system will use 9 digits to display number. If counter padding is 7, they system will use 7 digits. E.g. 000000150, 0000150
  • Reset counter: Able to reset “Start counter from” and “counter increment step” to default values (1 and 1) periodically - daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.
  • Each number has own configuration, and invoice number, shipment number, credit memo number can reuse counter configuration of order number.
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Ver 1.1.0

- Fix bugs

- Make features compatible with Mageno CE 2.4.x

Ver 1.0.0

Intial version

- Add prefix, suffix

- Change initial order number

- Add counter step

- Add auto reset counter feature

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