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Customer Invitations


With this extension, users can send invitations to people. Merchants can use features in the backend when they want to invite potential customers to joining private sales programs or new marketing campaigns. Registered users can also send invitations by using features on the frontend. If a new promotion program offers a discount to customers for each successful invitation, this extension is very useful and it will increase a considerable amount of customer for your website.

Product Features

  • Send invitations by store owner: Able to send multiple invitations to email addresses, assign particular customer group for invitees, and insert a custom message to email.
  • Send invitations by registered users: A registered user can send multiple invitations at the same time. However, this feature is managed by merchant who can enable or disable functionalities.
  • Data Table: A list of invitations is displayed in backend, this table allows users to filter data easily. When an invitation status is changed, the table will be updated immediately. Registered users also view all their invitations at customer account dashboard
  • Full configuration: The administrator can manage features on the frontend and change maximum number of invitations which are sent in the same time.
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