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Daily Deals


Magento 2 supports store owner with a great feature to create special price for each product. By this way, store owner can create deals for website, this is one of most important factor to attract customers. However, Magento 2 also lack of other features to become completed deals module. We made this extension to resolve these problems.

Product Features

  • Deals page: this page show current deals, upcomming deals, pass deals on the main content and featured deals, deals calendar on the sidebar.
  • Current deals: Show all existing deals at the current time.
  • Pass deals: Show all ended deals
  • Featured deals: After create special price for a product, store owner can enable featured_deals for that prodduct. A carousel slider which contains featured deals will be shown on the sidebar.
  • Deals calendar: This calendar shows next days. Customers can see what deals are available on a particular day. A modal popup will be displayed with deals when customers click on link in the calendar.
  • Countdown timer:This extension supports three types for the product page and standard type for other pages. Three types are standard, flip, and circle.
  • Configurable features: All features of this extension are configurable, store owner can change setting in configuration section easily.
    • General: enable/disable navigation menu link, enable/disable footer link, enable/disable custom css, select deals filter, input default number of displayed products.
    • Deals page: enable/disable current deals, pass deals, upcomming deals, deals clendar.
    • Featured deals: input number of products and title.
    • Category page: allow this extension override category page to show countdown clock.
    • Product page: enable/Disable countdown timer, input block title, background color, enable/disable sales label, select countdown type.
    • Deals calendar: Input title, number of days, number of deals on popup, popup title.
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