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Nowaday, Instagram is one of the most popular mobile photo, video sharing application and give user a very effective way to advertise their products. Instagram Connect Extension provide for administrator the functions to fetch all posts from user's instagram profile or hash tagged posts for each product and allow to present them on user's store. The easy backend configuration allows user to setup instagram profile, choose if images can display on product detail page or create a widget to display image anywhere user want. With product's tag, user just choose the tag and do the hash tag on instagram images, the image will be shown in store website. Moreover, the images display as a responsive carousel and can see bigger after click to the image.


  • Instagram connect configuration: The instagram connect configuration allow administrator to input the cliend id, client secret and access token to connect and get information from Instagram api.
  • Instagram images display configuration: The instagram images display configuration allow administrator to configure if the instagram images can be displayed on product detail page or not. The images in product detail page will display based on product's tag which will be the hash tag on instagram. Administrator just need to hash tag on instagram to make the image display on store.
  • Create tag for product: To make the administrator easy to display images on instagram, Instagram Connect provide the product tag attribute. Administrator just can input product tag one time in backend. The product tag will display on product detail page and use in Instagram hash tag for link that image with the product.
  • Display instagram images by product's tag: Administrator can copy the tag with # character and paste into the comment of Instagram images which related to that product to make hash tag. The images will be displayed on product detail page and make a good advertisement for that product.
  • Instagram image widget: For make administrator more convenient to display Instagram images for advertisement on store. The Instagram Connect provide the feature for create widget to display Instagram images on everywhere administrator add the widget. The displayed images will be newest images and administrator can configure the number of images for fit with store's responsive UI.

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