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One Step Checkout Suite

One Step Checkout - Core Features

Core features convert multiple steps to one step layout, customer can fill in checkout information without leaving page. Support four options for page layout: 1 column with sticky sidebar, 2 columns, 2 columns with collage layout and 3 columns.

One step checkout general config
Field Manager for address forms on checkout page

One Step Checkout - Field Manager

Field Manager allows user to change attributes of fields on address forms. User can edit position of fields by sort order attribute, edit label of fields with multiple stores support, enable/disable fields on frontend, and decide whether or not a field is required field.

One Step Checkout - Address Auto Complete

Address Auto Complete integrates Google Place API into Magento 2. When customer enters street information, the system will auto suggest information based on Google Map. After the suggested information was choosen, some fields will be filled in (City, country, region...).

Address auto complete for address forms
One step checkout - geoip module

One Step Checkout - GeoIP

GeoIP integrates MaxMind database into Magento 2, this extension allows the system to get location information based on customer’s IP. Base on that information, some fields will be completed automatically. This action happens before the checkout page completes loading.

One Step Checkout - Delivery Date

Delivery Date is an extra extension in this suite. This extension allows customers providing delivery information and help shipping job easier. Customers can choose date and input a comment to guide shipper how to contact them.

Order delivery date
Store pickup module for one step checkout

One Step Checkout - Store Pick Up

Store Pick Up is also an extra extension in this suite. This extension integrates Google Map into Magento 2. User can manage store locations in admin. Customers can select what store they want to get their merchandise. With only two fields: “Store” and “Pick up date”, the shipping process will be convenience for both customer and merchant.

One Step Checkout - Success Page

Success Page allows customers to see detailed information about order just completed. Product information, billing address, shipping address, payment method and extra information from extra extensions will be shown on this page. User can enable or disable module in admin.

improve checkout success page

Layouts of One Step Checkout are responsive on mobile devices, that improves customer experience and increase your sales. You can use all extra extensions or one in two up to your business.

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Backend Demo

Login page:

Username: osctdemouser

password: xmage2demouser

Frontend Demo

You need to add a product into cart before checkout. 

Demo product page:

Demo checkout page:

Version 1.0.4 (2017-12-05)

Update source code for Magento 2.2.1

Version 1.0.1 (2017-10-27)

Fix bugs: Able save shipping method without address in Magento 2.2.0

Version 1.0.0 (2017-07-01)

Initial version for all extensions in this suite.

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