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Twilio SMS Notification


As a busy online store receiving a bucket load of orders by the hour, you might not have much time to think about how you communicate with your customers once they have ordered from you!

For many businesses, email is the obvious option, it is cheap, everyone else does it and all of your customers have an email address. But that is exactly the problem, because everyone else uses email, your communications get buried meaning that you have no customer service!

According to MailChimp, only 17.35% of eCommerce emails get opened. Ultimately, this means that, if you currently use email for order updates then these communications are potentially reaching less than 1 in 5 customers.

Using SMS texts for customer service is a brilliant way to add customer value to eCommerce for some reasons:

  • SMS order notifications have a staggering open rate of over 98%
  • Over 90% of texts get read within 5 minutes. Your customers will appreciate the instant updates
  • Using SMS for order updates shows you care and will build deep trust and loyalty
  • Independence with internet
  • With so many online stores communicating solely through email, SMS is a great way for your customers to acknowledge you.

Twilio SMS Notification is a tool for you do that. With full configuration, easy to customize SMS, very fast and trust because we use Twilio services, it will become powerful option to reach your customers.


  • SMS notify to Store owner when customer place order
  • SMS notify to Store owner when customer register
  • SMS confirmation to Customer when order placed
  • SMS notify to Customer when Invoice created
  • SMS notify to Customer when Order canceled
  • SMS notify to Customer when Credit memo refund
  • SMS notify to Customer when Shipment created
  • Customize SMS template
  • Support test send SMS
  • Log all SMS notifications (contain filter, search, order, delete)
  • Visualize report by chart
  • Configuration Twilio account and phone number
  • Enable/disable for each module or the entire module
  • Auto realize the customer country code

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