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Vendor Attribute Manager for Marketplace


This module allows user adding custom attributes for vendor, user also can create attributes groups. This feature help user managing vendors easier by classifying vendor into smaller group with specialized attributes.

Manage Attribute Group

All groups are displayed on grid, user can use mass actions to change status and delete multiple group one time.

Manage attribute group
Add attribute group

Add New Attribute Group

User can create a group and its assigned attributes. On tab “Assigned Attributes”, use can remove all attributes in current group.

Manage Attributes

All attributes are show on grid, and user can use mass actions to manage attributes.

Manage atributes
Add new attribute

Add New Attribute

This feature supports 8 input types: text field, textarea, date, file, yes/no, select, multiselect, and image. In additional, there are 14 available input validation types.


All features of this module are configurable. User can show/hide block, change text title or enable/disable features

Marketplace vendor attribute module configuration

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