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Display recent posts from WordPress Blog: Base on web service, this extension get posts, then they will be shown on frontend by a owlcarousel slider. This feature also supports widget configuration.


Blog is an important marketing tool. There are some good extensions, which has blog’s functionalities in the Magento 2 market. However, if you use a built-in blog, there are two major disadvantages: Performance and Flexibility. To resolve these problems, one of our customers has suggested us doing a simple extension, a wordpress integration extension. By separating blog and e-commerce website, you can reduce workload of your website and reuse the most famous blog platform Wordpress.

Product Features

  • Embed WordPress recent posts via Json Api.
  • Config number of recent posts in a slider page.
  • Select a particular category which contains posts.
  • Support widget, you can insert recent posts to where you want.

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Feel free to get support via email: support@x-mage2.com

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